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Sghor - Away From Light, Away From Life PRO *PREMIUM* TAPE Exclusive Item RAR

SGHOR - Away From Light, Away From Life

Label: Depressive Illusions Records ‎– cut 341

Format: TAPE
High quality covers 2 page booklet. 

 WARNING! This is the last cassette of this type. It is a unique product of the premium class.
The price is one-time and exclusive. This is not an object for everyone. We offer this edible copy at such a price. Music on tape. For connoisseurs. Choose something unusual for yourself. Give a gift. Love. Feel the love. Eteric Dark Ambient. You did not hear that. From tape. Pure analog sound!

1.Rondo: Sexual Tendencies 12:33
2.Piano: Ania 02:38
3.Little Things Between Us 20:38
4.Misogyny and Denial 16:46 

 Ethereal Dark Ambient from Poland.
Tape limited 111 copies. 

45 Euro

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